My latest coloured pencil painting featuring the pattern from a locally produced brick is now ready for framing.

I am finding working with a ‘known’ object a lot easier and enjoyable than relying on my imagination and guess-work.

Abstract art is not an easy form of expression, and I find working with objects results in paintings that have direct or indirect links with their subjects.

There is a certain time in the creative process where the brick loses its identity and the image (for me) becomes purely abstract. The shapes, marks and colours are there, it’s now up to me to arrange them in a visual way that addresses what I am saying. In this case it’s the strong bond between the brick and its original (landscape) home.

This painting may not look like a landscape, but stare at it long enough and you may think otherwise.

Friday: A new pastel painting and a new theme.


About artkleko

artist, art curator, art teacher, art judge, art critic
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