For an island of its size, Tasmania is well endowed with mountains. They aren’t high by world standards (Mt. Ossa at 1670 m being the highest), but they are visually charming, with great appeal for landscape artists.

The Great Western Tiers is a range of mountains that hug the eastern and northern edges of the Central Plateau and is the theme for my next series of pastel paintings. I already have a formidable collection of relevant photos to work from, and I will attempt to produce a ‘small’ series by Christmas. There are though, several other major paintings that I also need to complete as well, so I will need to make the most of my studio time.

Today’s featured painting is  still in its development stages, and features a hillside southwest of the township of Cressy, not far from Launceston. As with all of my latest pastels, I have deliberately ‘cleansed’ the landscape, not too much, but enough to give the subject a ‘fresh’ look.

The next stage will see ‘light’ added to give the composition some ‘life’, plus further emphasis on the contents on the hillside.

Speaking of ‘landscape cleansing’, I have included 2 examples (with 2 variations) of ‘extreme cleansing’ that I drew on my computer.

Both images are from photos that I took southwest of Cressy of ploughed and sown fields. They both need a little more work, but I am quite interested in this way of ‘seeing’.



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