4 of the 6 paintings that I am featuring in an exhibition with 5 other local artists that’s on in Launceston next week at the Trinity Uniting Church, Oct 25 – 27.

Well it’s finally happened. I’ve signed a contract with a Northern Tasmanian Art Gallery, the Brave Art Gallery to be exact. This is something that I have wanted for a number of years, in fact since I retired from full-time teaching 6 1/2 years ago.

This move is really important for me because it gives me a sense of belonging, something that I really haven’t had before. It also gives me a sense of purpose to go with the self-discipline that I have. I needed an outlet for my work and now I have one.

Along with such a move comes the realisation that it’s a two-way street. I need to support the gallery and it in turn it must support me. I am impressed with the gallery and its staff and this is something that I haven’t rushed in to. Throughout the negotiations I have felt comfortable and valued.

Now that I’ve signed I need to spend some time and plan ahead as I aim to have a solo show early in 2014 at the gallery. I have been invited to contribute two paintings for the gallery’s December exhibition and a single piece for a special exhibition next March.

I will be releasing a series of limited edition prints from my recent ‘Midlands’ pastel series through the gallery. These will be limited to editions of only 10.

Busy times ahead, but that’s how it should be!


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6 Responses to BRAVE ART(IST)

  1. Congrats Richard. This is marvelous. A great achievement. Good luck.

  2. dalesart216 says:

    Remember those words from the Northern Territory ads: ‘You’ll never never know, if you never never go’? This is a fantastic opportunity for a great artist. Well done, you deserve it!

  3. Liz Russell-Arnot says:

    Hi Richard,
    I am an artist living in Longford, but am not sure how Brave do their contracts. Can you give me an idea of their terms and length of committment that they ask?
    I would like to have an idea before I approach them.

  4. Liz Russell-Arnot says:

    Oh, forgot to add, I love you work by the way.

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