Top: The 4th abstract in my ‘Brick’ series that looks at the relationship between the bricks and the landscape from which it came.

Bottom: The beginning of my 5th abstract, this time with a different palette.

Knowing what you’re doing often means that you will know well in advance what the outcome will be.

This is particularly true when creating (most) art. You have a plan, you prepare, research, consider and when you’re ready, it’s all systems go! At the end of the creative process you are rewarded with a piece of artwork. Both the process and product (usually) give you great satisfaction.

But what if you’re trying a new approach? How confident are you of a successful outcome? Can you cope with not knowing that your idea will work? Do you have the patience to paint ‘blind’? What will other people think? How will the art market react?

This is the situation that I presently find myself in. A new subject, a new approach, a new style.

Two things in my favour are keeping me focussed; the Brave Art Gallery at Longford is behind me and I enjoy creating such abstract works.

I’ll just have to keep on being ‘brave’ and see what happens.


About artkleko

artist, art curator, art teacher, art judge, art critic
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2 Responses to RISK TAKING

  1. Liz Russell-Arnot says:

    I like where your work is heading Richard. I look forward to seeing it on the walls.

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