It’s 8 am, the start of a sunny, Spring day as the sun’s rays penetrate my studio window and light up some of the paintings that are in various stages of development.

This week I have been working hard on an entry for next year’s Glover Art Prize. It hasn’t been easy.  At 118 x 44 cm, the artwork is rather large for a  painting in my preferred medium and my hands are feeling the pressure of working with coloured pencils for prolonged periods. Why my left hand isn’t too bad, but my right hand is not well! I have arthritis cream and I’m on a daily dose of fish oil.


I wish I was back in Cairns where I never suffered from painful hands and my pencils flowed like butter! But I struggled with the heat, much to my (now) disappointment.

Why do artists push themselves so hard, often to their own detriment?

Passion is a wonderful motivator, but so is an inability to meet deadlines. Fortunately, I have a strong belief in punctuality, so my excuse is my love of all-things art, especially coloured pencil. I am determined to lift the profile of cp in Australia and I’m pleased to report that I’ve had some success in both Tasmania and Queensland. But there’s still much to do and I need to keep working and getting my cp art out there.

I do take a break of a day or so now and then to rest my hands and I hope that the advent of warmer weather here in Tasmania will result in less pain and more gain (artwork).

Tomorrow I am conducting a coloured pencil workshop in the delightful village of Evandale. I shall post a report next week.


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2 Responses to THE HARD YARDS

  1. Wessel says:

    Gosh Richard,you have courage! I pray and see forward that your work is succesful and that your hands keep strong! Wessel Groenewald

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