My short (3) series on images from 2 Queensland beaches is well underway.

Both of today’s featured paintings are from Etta Beach near Innisfail in Far North Queensland. They contain very small pebbles that are contrasted with the action of waves. This I hope, will result in paintings that will contain areas of abstraction, while there should be an overall ‘landscape’ look.

I aim to complete both paintings by the end of the week and a third next week.

At this point in time I have completed 27 paintings for my March exhibition and I expect to have 30 to choose from by the end of December.


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3 Responses to SANDSCAPES

  1. I really like the way you explore different mediums while maintaining your distinct style. I like the first piece a lot.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Walter. I think it’s important that artists take on challenges. Complacency can lead to repetition that in turn can result in ‘sameness’.

      • I know I sometimes feel a sense of sameness with my work. I want to paint. Better still work in a medium I have never tried before. But it takes time, money and sacrifice. Two out of 3 I have very little of. 🙂

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