Last night at the annual Meandering Art Prize, I was fortunate enough to win the Heritage Award with a coloured pencil painting of  the view through a decaying shed at the historical property Cheshunt.

Beyond Cheshunt – Polychromos and prismacolor pencils on pastel board, 80 x 060 cm (unframed)

Judges’ comments:  Clever composition with layers of heritage, both manmade and natural. Technically very competent. Frame within a frame concept draws the viewer into the layers. Play of light and shadows gives interest and depth. 


Bullock Consulting ‘Essence of the Valley’ – #44 ‘Meander Wetlands’ –  Robyn Weare

Arts Deloraine ‘Best Natural Landscape’ – #18 ‘Trout Water’ –  Clifford How

Heritage Tasmania ‘Best Heritage’ – #29 ‘Beyond Cheshunt’ –  Richard Klekociuk

Deloraine & Districts Community Bank ‘Best Agriculture’ – #32  ‘Farm at Whitemore – A Tribute to Gruner’ –  Darren Meader

Quadrant Super ‘People of the Valley’ – #7  ‘Deloraine Market’ –  Alison Cooper-White

Meander Valley Council ‘Encouragement award’ – #30 ‘Maggie’ – Dianne Lee

Highly Commended

# 25  ‘Fern Glade Walk’ Mole Creek  –  Gerry Jensen        # 45 ‘Summer’s Bloom’ – Feona Wilson

Major Prize: Meander Valley Council ‘Acquisitive award’ – #31 ‘All the Way to You’ –  Margaret McBain

Congratulations to Margaret McBain on winning the major prize.

The exhibition of 45 paintings are on display in the Mezzanine Gallery at Country Club Tasmania, daily until February 17, 2013.


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8 Responses to ART PRIZE WIN

  1. gerryart says:

    Thanks for the winners list Richard – I am looking forward to seeing the Exhibition.

  2. Barb S says:

    You are so very talented! Congrats for all your hard work.

  3. Well done Richard! You deserved the prize with this wonderful painting! I love the composition, so different and interesting, so well painted. Congrats! 🙂

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Eileen, I enjoyed painting this subject. Mind you, it took me nearly 2 years to complete as I started it before our 12 month trip, but it was worth the wait!

  4. This is a remarkable piece. Yes what technical skill. You deserve the award Richard.

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