UPSIDE DOWNSand Forest, Cow Bay   WIP


60 x 40cm   Prismacolor pencils on pastel board

On Monday my wife Val, looked at my current painting and remarked that it looked better upside down, and she was right!



This painting is of a sand pattern from Cow Bay in the Daintree in Far North Queensland. This particular beach has some superb examples of sand patterns that are different with each outgoing tide.

This particular one reminds me of a forest, hence its title. The grains of sand are rocks in (tiny) miniature and the painting has a mosaic look. I aim to complete this my 28th painting for my exhibition next March, by Friday.



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  1. Nice work Richard. It does have a wonderful mosaic feel to it.

  2. gerryart says:

    Nice Richard – clever Val to see that, and very forest-like another in your very interesting style.

  3. I love it this way Richard! It looks like leaf fronds reaching towards the light , like in ferns, or tree-like! I love the nature effect!

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