Small Abstract 4Avoca Beach 6.

Prismacolors on pastel board    40 x 15.5cm

I spent a few hours in my studio yesterday working on a 4th small abstract to compliment the 2 large ones that I have included in my exhibition next March. I’m concerned with the ‘balance’ of my show and it didn’t seem ‘right’ to have 3 small abstracts displayed alongside 2 larger ones, so I completed another from my stay at Avoca Beach, near Gosford earlier in the year.

This group of 6 paintings will be as abstract as it gets, in regards to the theme of my exhibition.

‘Rocking On’ features rocks, rock patterns and rock formations that caught my eye during my 12 month holiday on the Australian mainland from March 2011 to March 2012. The exhibition will begin with a series of realistic paintings, move through a series of semi-abstracts and finally reach a series of abstract subjects.

I hope to attract a broad audience of tastes in art, hence the broad variety of subject treatment.


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2 Responses to PAINTING 34.

  1. I am sure your aim for a broad audience will be realized Richard.

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