OIL PAINTINGTop: The Derwent River at Dunrobin


Below: Highland Morning


Long, long ago, around 30 years in fact, oil painting was my preferred medium before pastel and coloured pencil.


On Monday I set up part of my garage with an easel and a table. I had recently ‘updated’ my collection of oil paints and brushes, so out came a new canvas and I was underway in no time.


For my first effort I chose to paint an abstract from the series that I have been working on with coloured pencils over the past couple of months. I want to comp[are the ‘look’ of the finished product against those that I have completed in coloured pencil. It’s important for me to get the mood right. I’m working with a subject that essentially comes from below the ground and I want to show that in my work. This does not mean that I’ll be using dark, moody tones, but that want a little bit of ‘zing’ in my colours. Pastel board and coloured pencils together don’t result in a strong finish. I use a sealer to get the desired look. My Glover entry has a gloss sealer that has given it a more dynamic look. I hope that this will be enhanced further after it is framed.


My early oils were quite traditional and safe. The art market was then and is now, geared to such work. I want to be different and I hope that my first oil painting this century will result in the desired outcome.


I will post an update soon.









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4 Responses to OIL PAINTING

  1. Kaye says:

    But I feel there’s an abstract quality about “Highland Morning” which makes it very attractive.

  2. Robyn says:

    I find Highland Morning extremely appealing. I would love to have it on one of my walls!

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