PUTTING ON A BRAVE FACEPutting on a Brave Face

60 x 40 cm    Prismacolors on pastel board

This is the first of 2 paintings for an exhibition in my home town of Launceston to be held next May. The theme of my work is ‘natural healing’.

Having been an art teacher for 43 years I know the value of planning. I often makes lists, I have visual diaries and note books a plenty. It all helps ensure that each year I am productive and most importantly that I meet my set deadlines. Self-discipline is essential if one wants to achieve on a regular basis.

Lately I have been thinking about the kind of things that I would like to do and achieve next year.

1. My one-man show is in March is ready and next month I will be taking my work to my framer.

2. I aim to enter at least 9 art prizes.

3. Conduct some art workshops.

4. Develop my interest in oils and pastels.

5. Continue my love for abstract art in a distinctive style.

5. Undertake some graphite pencil drawing.

6. Write more about my art.

7. Art judging.

8. Challenge myself with coloured pencils.

9. Prepare for a one-man show in March 2014.

10. Further art adventures with my computer.

11. More photography.

12. More greeting cards and prints.

That should keep me busy!

A Happy New Year to everyone!


About artkleko

artist, art curator, art teacher, art judge, art critic
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10 Responses to GOALS FOR 2013

  1. You are highly organised Richard! I am very fond of lists myself, I find they can help simplify and clarify my thoughts. One of my goals for 2013 is streamline a bit, I think I am working in too many areas (but I do love them all!)

  2. Ester Roi says:

    Richard, I admire your art as well as your drive, organization and teaching ability. As artists we all need to juggle a complexity of skills that are not always related to art but are equally important. You’re definitely the best ‘juggler’ I know.
    Best wishes for a productive and healthy 2013!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Ester and all the best to you, too. My career in teaching has taught me to ‘juggle’, but I don’t think that I’d ever make a career of it in the circus!

  3. dalesart216 says:

    Hi Richard, love this, love the bandaid!!!
    Have a wonderful 2013…..

  4. I never quite know for sure if I am organized or not. But when something has been completed, I know it is done. 🙂 keep up the good work Richard.

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