LANDSCAPE IN CLAY 1Landscape in Clay

60 x 40 cm   Prismacolors on pastel board

After several months of research I have finally produced what I feel is an abstract landscape that is in keeping with what I have been trying to achieve for many years. I want my work to be personal, different and if possible unique.

I’ve still got a way to go and that can only be achieved by continued hard work.

For those familiar with the work of Australian artist Fred Williams, you will note his influence in today’s painting. I am a great fan of his work and also the work of John Olsen. Let’s be honest, artists are influenced by a host of things, especially other artists. My work isn’t an imitation, but a serious attempt to visualise my thinking in reference to the Australian landscape. It just so happens that I love the way these two artists think.

Art is not all about the ‘visual’, in fact, I think it’s more about the way artists think about their subjects. I don’t enjoy ‘see – it, paint – it’ art that much. If it doesn’t ‘speak’ to me then it’s closer to craft  than what art is really about. Paintings must tell a story, they must engage the viewer, and hopefully challenge them to think about what’s going on. I don’t want my art to be seen as simply recording what I see. I want to challenge everyone’s imagination.

The challenge continues.


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4 Responses to LANDSCAPE IN CLAY

  1. Cathy Pascoe says:

    A thought provoking post!

  2. Kaye says:

    I think you’re so very right – surely good art, and not just the visual but music, theatre etc. , is about communication – if it doesn’t communicate *something* it doesn’t really work

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