C.A.S. Art Exhibition Part 3.

WAR HORSEArtworks are supposed to ‘speak’ to us, and tell us what the artist is trying to say. The majority of artworks we see are often passive in content and message, but occasionally an artist makes us ‘stand up, look and listen’.

Jennie Scott is one such artist, and her sculpture, “Disposable Animals in War”, will leave you with a sense of grief and despair about the plight of animals in war and about the futility of such conflicts.
This skilfully planned and executed artwork demands more than a passing glimpse. It’s uncomfortable to look at. A skeletal animal dressed in the objects of evil, its imminent death to be decided by the enemy, ‘friendly fire’, or its rider.
Such social commentary always asks more questions than answers. It made me think of all the animals (and birds) that are victims of conflict. They base their lives on the forces of Nature, while ‘superior’ man is more concerned about power, but power over what?
This moving tribute was selected as the Cairns Regional Council Open Award  and Sculpture award winner, and rightly so.


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6 Responses to C.A.S. Art Exhibition Part 3.

  1. gerryart says:

    Wow what a powerful sculpture – a worthy winner Richard – “you done well”. It would have been a great exhibition to view as well from your pictures!!

  2. This is a wonderful sculpture, Richard, very powerful. It achieves the difficult task of expressing a strong emotion, and yet being a beautiful object in its own right. So often one is achieved at the expense of the other!

  3. Thanks Richard for sharing with us this exhibition, your thoughts on the works and how you judged them. I found it really fascinating reading and thought provoking. Karen

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