LANDSCAPE CONTOURS IN CLAYLandscape Contours in Clay


80 x 60 cm     Prismacolor pencils on pastel board


Continuing with my ‘brick’ theme I am now looking to link the contours of the Tasmanian landscape with the colours and patterns that are on the fired clay bricks that I have in my ‘collection’.


I’m trying to think ‘outside the square’ and see how far I can take this theme. I want my work to be different with each new painting, although I admit there are similarities from time to time. This work is heading somewhere, exactly where only time, effort and imagination will tell.


I enjoy this type of work and when I’ve had enough of this theme I’ll move onto something else.




Top: Hillside 1.


Bottom: Hillside 2.










About artkleko

artist, art curator, art teacher, art judge, art critic
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