GLOVER 2013 ENTRYThe long wait is over and the finalists have been announced for this year’s Glover Art Prize, Australia’s richest for landscape painting. Sadly, for the 4th time in a row, I’m not on the list. I’ve entered on 7 occasions with one success, but at least I have the distinction of being a Glover finalist.

I wish this year’s finalists well.

Below is my statement that accompanied my entry:

Longford Brick, Landscape DNA

From beneath the Northern Tasmanian landscape, clay is mined, shaped, formed and fired to produce bricks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Each brick is unique in that it contains the ‘memory’ of its location, the DNA of the landscape.

The brick maker’s furnace releases each brick’s individual colours impregnated with examples of Nature’s natural graffiti that have laid dormant for millions of years.

An image is born, a collection of abstract shapes, marks and indentations that reveal aspects of our landscape that rarely attract any attention from passers-by, despite countless examples in buildings, walls and pathways throughout Tasmania.

Not all clay bricks are rich in detail and landscape memory, but those that are offer a new insight into the landscape ‘below’.

Many artists find it hard to cope with rejection. Some don’t deal with it at all well, while others just ‘ get over it, and get on with it’. In my next post I will discuss the issue of ‘rejection’ in detail.


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12 Responses to GLOVER REJECTION

  1. Greg M says:

    I don’t know what criteria they use to decide entries Richard. They have rejected other well known and respected Tasmanian artists like John Gibb too. They seem to be increasingly interested in the quirky and controversial. No way I can afford the huge entry fee to try to enter it only to be knocked back.

  2. Edna says:

    Commiserations Richard, you aren’t alone there. I’ve been selected twice and still don’t know why when I consider that previous entries of mine were better, but rejected. But….in the end it is the judges decision and you know how difficult those decisions can be. One well respected artist friend of mine remarked ….’these big prize award competitions set you up for failure.’ He was saying in effect that not being selected in these awards immediately stamps you (in the public arena) as being not as good as those who were selected which is definitely not the case in reality. I just shrug my shoulders, look around at all the artists’ work that I appreciate and keep doing what I do.

  3. one fb message today from someone who did get in then your no go. Both amazing and successful artists. I told Kerry I am thinking of maybe having a go. Your sharing and tenacity makes me think even more so …. I should have a go. Thanks

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  4. Cathy Pascoe says:

    I was disappointed that my entry to CPSA’s Explore This! was rejected also….but I didn’t feel quite as badly when I saw the names of some of the other people whose work was also rejected.

  5. Well done Richard on a beautiful piece of work and I love the statement about the painting, explains it very well. The way I would look at what you call “rejection” is that it is just not what they are looking for at this particular time, I wouldn’t label it rejection. 🙂 Keep up the wonderful work!

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