NPL DNANorfolk Plains Landscape DNA

Prismacolors on pastel board   112 x 67 cm (framed)

What a difference a week makes.


Last Friday week I found out that I had failed to make the finalists’ list for the Glover Art Prize. Last Thursday afternoon I received a phone call informing me that I had won the Art of Norfolk Plains Prize. The following night I received the award at the exhibition opening.

This painting was about raw (unfired) clay and that  each section (raw brick) contained the characteristics of the landscape from whence it came. This clay is from Brickendon, a World Heritage working farm near Longford in Northern Tasmania. Many of the original buildings are made from clay that came from the property and was fired there to make the bricks we see today. This is an exceptional place and is a must-see destination if you are visiting Tasmania.


Any prize win is great news. In my case it was vindication that my current theme of ‘bricks’ was getting some recognition from my peers. I’ve been working on this theme for nearly 4 months and month-by-month it’s taking me off in new directions. I’m not sure for how long I will continue this work, but I’ll know when it’s time to take a different turn or simply stop and start something completely new.

I love working in themes, but I’m acutely aware of the danger of ‘repetition’. I’ve seen it happen and I don’t like it. It’s so easy to become formula-orientated especially when you are selling your work. I try to be different as an individual, but also in the variety of work I produce.

Winning an art prize with my own one-man show less than 3 weeks away has given me a little more confidence that my exhibition will be well received. Time will tell, but at least my collection will (I hope) have something for everyone ‘s tastes.



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