Mixed Media





60 x 40 cm

Prismacolor pencils, gouache and pastel on pastel board



During the week I won the Mixed Media section of the Annual Australian Coloured Pencil Group’s Online Exhibition. I have never won an award on the Internet, so this was quite special.

This painting was the result of a study of a piece of pumpkin with a surreal twist. I saw the pumpkin as a landscape and ‘wove’ it into a scene that featured a section of the Great Western Tiers in Tasmania.






I rarely work in ‘mixed media’ when working with pencils, but I can see the benefits of this approach. I suppose it’s more to do with my attitude towards coloured pencils, than anything else that has prevented me from producing more mixed media work. I simply love coloured pencils to the extent that I prefer to work exclusively with them.


But time and experience are great motivators for change, and lately I have been increasingly aware of the potential to work with more than one medium on the same artwork.


Because pencils have a relatively ‘flat’ finish, I can see that gouache or flat acrylics could be successfully added. I have already tried this combination and I’m pleased with the results.


For mixed media to work it’s important to select the right subject to paint. I deliberately choose subjects that suit coloured pencil.


Maybe now is the time for a change in approach.








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4 Responses to MIXED MEDIA

  1. Congratualtions Richard, love this painting, and welcome to the fascinating world of mixed media. You are on a winning steak at the moment.

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