Digital ArtworkMost of my artwork is rendered in coloured pencil, but I do from time to time, work in paint and digital media. The latter is of particular interest to me. I have a photo blog  where I post examples of the many photos I take.

Some of my photos get ‘extra attention’ and the result is that I have developed a folio of digital artwork that I hope to market through the Brave Gallery at Longford, Tasmania. I have included some examples of my work.

My subjects are landscape-based, but I try to introduce an abstract look and feel to each image where possible. Some of my work is ‘extremely’ abstract, while others are recognisable as ‘known’ objects.

I am aware of the ‘mass production potential’ of digital art. Mass printing lessens the value of each artwork. I have negated this by only printing one example of each image, to maintain its value and uniqueness.

I am a big fan of digital art and see huge potential in this technology. It all depends on how much control the artist has. We can be easily seduced by machines that take away  our ability to think and manipulate images in order to ‘say’ something that is from ‘us’ and not a program.

Having a good grasp of the fundamentals of art is essential. You can’t rely on ‘chance’, because the odds of creating something worthwhile is so limited. Of course, experimentation is part of the digital process, but it’s recognising a ‘result’ that realises the benefit of sound art training.

Art is all about ideas, not replication, the latter being the domain of craft.

Digital art can result in a multitude of images. Subjects can be random. This is a great release for me as I usually work in themes. I find digital art gives me a great deal of freedom, but it’s the taming and harnessing of this technology that is the real challenge.


Time for a new iMac…

My photo blog is:



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12 Responses to DIGITAL ART

  1. dweinberg415 says:

    Really nice stuff. What programs are you using?

    • artshed70 says:

      I’m just getting to grips with photoshop in college just now on their lovely iMacs – I want one too.

    • Great article again Richard. I am loving my iMac. The retina screen really enhances the images. Yours here look fantastic. Interestingly in my art photography I much prefer more abstracted shots overall, andcyet in painting I work often in a more impressionist manner. The subject in such photos is relatively unimportant… it is more about shapes, tone, pattern etc. and concepts.

      • artkleko says:

        I certainly agree about the subject matter in photos, Evelyn. It’s what you do with the content that counts. I like to explore and experiment, celebrating any ‘accidents’ that come along. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  2. billy austin says:

    Beautiful work Richard

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