Summer Landscape Norfolk PlainsSummer Landscape, Norfolk Plains


Most of my artwork is based upon my interpretation of the Australian landscape. Over the past 40 years I have incorporated a number of themes and techniques in my work.

Each artist has an individual way of interpreting what they ‘see’, and this is what is so special about art. Everyone has something to say and they say it in their own unique way.


My early works were based on realism. I looked directly at the Australian landscape and painted what I saw. After several years I began to look more closely into the landscape and paint what I felt about what I saw. It was a case of me maturing as an artist that saw me delve into abstraction, symbolism and surrealism.

After I retired from full-time art teaching in 2005, I went ‘full-time’ with my art. I found a greater sense of freedom and this has enabled me to produce art that is (for me) far more risk-taking. Abstraction has always held a great fascination for me, and over the past few years it has well and truly been to the fore in my work.

Today’s (top) photo is my latest landscape, a far cry from what I did 40 years ago. This painting follows my (bottom photo) Norfolk Plains Art Prize win in February. My work is at last becoming freer and a lot more fun to create.

Norfolk Plains Landscape DNANorfolk Plains Landscape DNA 

Artists need time to find out who they really are. Maybe we never quite find the answer, but the creative journey is fun!

Art is all about interpretation after all.


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  1. Mike Menius says:

    Your work is teeming with life. Like it so much.

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