ROCKSOne of the rock studies that I will feature in my range of Klikart digital artworks.

This one will be printed on 3mm aluminium plate.


Before Easter I had a ‘branding’ meeting with Gayle of the Brave Art Gallery. No, it didn’t involve me getting a tattoo, but it was about the type of art that I should be promoting through the gallery.



Gayle is a very professional and dedicated gallery staff member and after 2 hours I left with some firm ideas as to where my art should be headed.


I intend to keep producing my coloured pencil work, with a strong emphasis on entering a number of art prizes. As well I will produce a range of digital artworks (something I am very interested in) in print form. At this stage I’m not sure what form/s this will take., so I am having a sample range of canvas prints, archival (paper) prints and prints on aluminium plate. Each surface is unique and I have carefully chosen images that I hope will be suitable.


My range of digital prints (brand name, Klikart) will be priced to encourage multiple sales (low profit margin). I feel this will make them more accessible to interested patrons who regularly buy artwork, and those who don’t want to, or can’t spend large amounts, but are still keen to have original work hanging in their homes.


My coloured pencil work is still the major vehicle for self-expression, but sales are slow, and I can see the sense in offering an alternative that is personal and ‘different’.


Time will tell whether this is a forward or backward thinking.


“Those who do nothing, never make mistakes”.









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  1. kay ellis says:

    Richard, I would be very interested to know if you might be conducting any workshops in 2013. Thank you.

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