North East Pastoral

 60 x 30 cm – Prismacolors on pastel board

My journey of simplifying my landscape subjects continues. I am now at the stage where if I go any further, my work will acquire ‘Zen’ qualities. That may still happen, but for the time being I am happy to explore my current theme and see what I can produce.





Today I have included a photo of my first ‘simple’ painting (above) and (below) some of my short-listed drawings (more to come) that I have prepared as the result of a good deal of research and field trips. I have also included a computerised version of my first painting. I find ‘playing’ with these drawings on my iMac rather beneficial. it enables me to experiment with different colours and alter the compositions if I desire, before embarking on a coloured pencil painting.





IDEA 2You will notice that the 2 coloured photos are slightly different. I decided to change the direction of the furrows to give the image more variety. I realise that farmers tend to sow their crops in one direction, but as an artist, I felt that it was more important to give the painting as much interest as possible, rather than be totally ‘accurate’.  I also altered the colours, for a sharper look and to represent the rich red soil that is to be found in the North East of Tasmania.After all, artists can do what they like, can’t they?







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8 Responses to SIMPLY SIMPLE

  1. Hi Richard, I really love this new take on your paintings, they are very clean and elegant, while maintaining the freshness of the autumn scenery. Looking forward to more.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Karen, I’m unsure as to how long I’ll pursue this current thinking, but I admit that working at this size is rather enjoyable. My problem is deciding what to include in my next show in March of next year. It may come to pass that this work may feature in that exhibition.
      Regards, Richard

  2. Denise says:

    As a follower of your blog through all your hard work and many trials with success also, I have to say when I saw this avenue I feel in love with the new style. The simple statement of earth, sky,and worked land is a Wow factor for me.

  3. excellent description of your creative process.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Michael, I find that this way of research and preparation often results in the ‘unexpected’ in terms of subject matter and approach.

  4. I like this very much Richard. The clean simplicity and warm colours are very appealing. Also, all the drawings, set together as panels are great just as they are! Photoshop is a really handy tool for checking alternative colour choices, I use it quite often.

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