The past 2 weeks has been very rewarding for me in my quest to develop a sound portfolio to select a body of work for my next one-man show in March. It took me some time to decide what my theme will be, but now that I have directed my energy at ‘landscape simplification’, I feel more settled and I’m confident of producing a collection of paintings that gain the respect of my peers and the general public.

Results to date have been encouraging. I have been researching and documenting with much gusto and I have several paintings in the ‘pipeline’.

PRECIS UPDATE 1I hope to use the word ‘precis’ in my exhibition title. I think it encapsulates what I’m trying to ‘say’ in this body of work – I see the (Tasmanian) landscape in simple terms (a type of cleansing), as simple as possible (a summary) without losing each subject’s integrity.

My latest paintings are the result of my ‘brick’ theme that I began last August. I recognised the shapes of trees in the patterns of several of the bricks whose patterns I was painting. These ‘trees’ then took on a surreal form that morphed into whimsical landscape, followed by what you see on this post.

Where to from here?

My aim is to complete at least 20 paintings, but I want variety not repetition, so I’m intending to vary the size and subject matter. I aim to produce a group of smaller paintings, (30 x 20 cm), maybe some even smaller! Should I try 1 or 2 much larger? I like the idea of life-sized paintings that have little content. I am mindful however, that the gallery I’m showing in ( the Brave Gallery, Longford) is quite small and is well suited to the size of paintings that I’m currently producing.

It is important to consider the space in which you intend to exhibit your art.

People need to view your work in uncluttered, open spaces, especially if they are interested in purchasing!



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  1. And we enter another art journey led by you Richard. Wionderful. I love these.

  2. Sorry as I clicked on post , I noticed the red line under my non-word where i crept in. When will I learn to slow down and edit first not glance quickly as posting. Will my fingers ever hit all the right keys?

  3. This series is going so well – the works are obviously linked, yet they are diverse too. Looks like a lot of potential!

  4. It is becoming a very interesting collection. I hope the exhibition goes well in March. I will have to take the family out to see it when it opens.
    On a side note, I have nominated you for the LIEBSTER Award. I hope your blog following grows because of it.

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