TULIP FIELDSI have enjoyed a successful fortnight working for my next one-man show, this time at the Brave Art Gallery in Longford, Tasmania. I aim to produce a series of ‘cleansed’ landscapes, some of which border on the abstract due to their minimal detail.

The clean lines of sown and ploughed paddocks feature prominently in the first 6 paintings that I have produced. I am now turning my attention to tulip fields that form part of the rich tapestry of farmland in North West Tasmania.

I have featured 2 paintings today of tulips at Table Cape. As you can see, the bottom image is a work-in-progress, but there’s enough detail to show you the nature of my subject.

From a distance fields of tulips are seen as bands of colour and this suits my way of seeing. I love the simplicity of these fields and their vibrancy. There is a ‘loudness’ that I find appealing, and these paintings will add a touch of ‘dazzle’ to my exhibition.

Although landscapes in their own right, I want to include areas of very little detail and clean, well-defined areas of colour.

Art is not simply about what one sees, it’s about what fires your imagination.

Where to after the tulips?

Following a series of ‘tulip’ paintings I intend to ‘move’ to the Midlands area of Tasmania, a landscape that is very different to what I’m currently working on, then to Tasmania’s North East, again, different with its own unique appeal.

Tasmania is packed with subjects crying out to be painted!


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  1. Edna says:

    I lke your ‘cleansed’ tulip landscapes Richard. The bottom image seems to be finished to me with its clean stripes.

  2. They’re looking great Richard – I like the abstract nature of the unfinished one, but I know you will finish it! The colours are quite uplifting!

  3. I love the new work Richard, these are beautiful and so cheery, they lift my heart to look at them! So great that you are enjoying this new work . 🙂

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