HEATING PENCILSIn 2011 I spent 9 months in tropical Far North Queensland, where I produced 24 coloured pencil paintings and spread the gospel of coloured pencil to  number of eager artists. Because of the constant heat the Prismacolor pencils I worked with flowed so freely that it was as if I were using a paintbrush. What joy!


I have since returned back to my home in Northern Tasmania. It’s currently Winter. It’s currently cold. I don’t like being cold. The pencils don’t like being cold!


Prismacolors perform at their best when the cores are warm. I don’t have any problem with these pencils in the warmer Tasmanian months (we do have some very warm months despite our latitude. It is not uncommon to exceed 35c in Launceston in Summer). In the colder months I have noticed that my pencils are a little ‘gritty’, so each day I put my ‘palette for the day’ in a pencil tin on top of my heater (as shown). It works! The pencils flow much easier and I can once again enjoy producing artwork.


I intend to purchase an Icarus Drawing board at some stage. I am impressed with what I have read about this product and believe such an addition to my studio would enhance my artwork.


In the meantime I shall stay close to my heater while my pencils are slowly ‘frying’, waiting for their turn.








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9 Responses to PAN-FRIED PENCILS

  1. Ester Roi says:

    Haha, great idea, Richard!

  2. Similar with lino – the lino cuts like butter once it is warmed up! I imagine this would work better with Prismas than Polychromos, as the wax in Prismas would respond more to warmth, but its worth the experiment!

  3. Like your idea, I have been warming my lino like Anna talks about, now my prismas will be waiting for heating time as well, just have to kick the dog off the heating vent. It has been cold, cold, cold in Melbourne over the last week.

  4. Dale says:

    Cold here too in WA…..

  5. Jane says:

    This is a great idea. I don’t have the kind of heating system you have, but will try it using the heating system I do have. Its Summer here, so it will have to wait until the Winter.

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