CONARA PAIRTop: 3 Trees, Conara. Bottom: 5 Trees, Conara.

Prismacolor pencils on Canson pastel board.

It’s been a particularly cold Winter here in Northern Tasmania, and I have preferred the warmth of my studio to the ‘great outdoors’. Last weekend was an exception and it saw me in the Tasmanian Midlands, searching for suitable subjects to add to my collection of paintings for my  exhibition in March of next year. It was cold, very cold, the temperature struggled to reach 8c, and I found the warmth of my car a most pleasant place to be! When I did get out, armed with my camera, I was able to photograph a number of interesting subjects, most of which fitted the profile of my proposed exhibition. I have one more painting to complete before I decide how many will be included for the March show.

Both of these paintings look clean and sharp, and not very ‘cold’. The theme for my exhibition is ‘landscape cleansing’, hence the appearance of both. As I’m simplifying these landscapes, it’s imperative that i take as much out as I can without losing the integrity of my subjects. The weather conditions aren’t important, it’s more about the ‘design’ of each landscape.

Many of my paintings contain contour lines, often the result of ploughing or seeding activities. This ‘linear’ feature gives each painting a certain degree of three-dimensional definition without too much information.

I have thoroughly enjoyed producing this series of 22 paintings, and I aim to exhibit about 18 – 20 next March at the Brave Art Gallery in Longford, Northern Tasmania.


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4 Responses to BRAVING THE COLD

  1. Next MARCH !!! I have to say that I find the photos of your work more striking on the facebook feed which has a white background whereas the black seems to swallow some of the colour. Is that just me?

    • artkleko says:

      I agree with your comments Tanya. All of my paintings will be framed with a triple white mountboard and a simple, clean-edged frame, the colour of which is yet to be determined.

  2. Trees vary in number on top and bottom but carry the same peace that fills the whole eyesight and teach us the order impact – reflect the sunlight.

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