Fantasy Landscape 2.Fantasy Landscape 2.


60 x 40 cm – Prismacolors and archival pen.

I live in a conservative part of the world, was brought up in a conservative family and I led a conservative working life. Since I retired 7 1/2 years ago, I have been anything but ‘conservative’. The freedom that greeted me after leaving my career as an art teacher has encouraged me to pursue a number of directions, the main one being to become a successful artist. When is one successful? Is one ever really successful? What is success? Whatever the answer, I’m having a good time exploring my retirement options.




My art has recently become anything but conservative. In fact, it doesn’t compare at all to my mainstream work. Why is this?


Lately I have felt quite ‘liberated’. I don’t sell my work in huge volumes and with that in mind I decided to explore areas that were hitherto ‘out of bounds’. The result?


Looking at today’s photo of my latest painting gives you a snapshot of where I’m currently at. Frankly, I’ve thrown caution to the wind and gone off on a tangent that is a bit foreign to me, but one that I’m enjoying. My current thinking has its origin in the landscape of Central Australia. The colours are wild, the thinking is wild (for me) and the outcome is a bit wild. I think there’s a ‘wild one’ inside all of us, we just need the time and place for it to appear!


I won’t be blogging for a couple of weeks as I will be in Cairns (my second home). Part of my time will be teaching at the annual Cairns ArtEscape. I will post a report next month.








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12 Responses to THE WILD ONE

  1. Mike Menius says:

    Your art is liberated and perhaps wild, but you are doing it as a series, a body of work, and it still retains excellent composition, design, color relationships. Your foundation is firm, and your exploration is so exciting.

  2. Love the “wild loose Richard”. I concur with your comments about the freedom …… what is the point of art if you don’t feel free to explore and use it for whatever you like…. decoration, recording memories, body adornment, exploring concepts, challenging beliefs, creating drama, humour, eliciting a smile, adding colour to the world….. …..
    These make me smile…. as I said previously I find them playful and happy.

  3. Kate Bausch says:

    I love your more liberal side! My style is also getting a looser as time goes by. Perhaps that is a trend for artists? I can’t think of an artist that grew tighter or more controlled with age, can you? I’m all for expression and doing what makes you happy!! Go Richard!

  4. I love this new work Richard, the colours are so fresh and vibrant. You wild thing, it is never to late to break loose, enjoy the ride.

  5. The eyes rest here- your pictures share the peace and fill the heart with the wonderful light. Each time I see your work, I take the lesson on beauty.

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