Lately on Facebook I have been posting some of the paintings that feature an enamel mug, and I was asked to post photos of the series. I have included both photos and text.

I had visited the historic faming property Cheshunt on a few occasions before I found an enamel mug that has been (or will be) featured in 10 paintings to date. In some the mug has been the ‘star’, while in others it’s played a more passive role.

1. Thirsty Ground, Cheshunt – my first painting with the mug and the least successful. Here the mug was a symbol of the fragility of farming, the dependence on water to make farming viable. I made the mug too prominent and it’s placed at the wrong angle.

2. Silence at the Table – my most successful painting, winner of the 2010 City of Burnie Art Prize. This painting is full of questions and there are numerous answers depending on one’s imagination.

3. Silent Light – the mug has a more diminutive role as it sits above the fireplace in a dilapidated room dominated by a strong light. Winner of the Heritage Prize at Meandering 2010.

4. Enamel Mugscape – a prize winner at the TasArt Awards, Burnie. The mug is surrounded by its shapes, colours and patterns.

5. Cold Tea, Cheshunt – highly commended, Tasmanian Art Awards at Eskleigh. A macro view of the mug and its surroundings.

6. In the Light of Silence – this time the old enamel mug has been replaced with a clean, white china mug, a symbol of a new beginning.

7. Landscape Souvenir – the mug is the sole feature, a record of the surrounding landscape, a time capsule.

8. WIP 1. – inside the lounge room of the old former shearers’ quarters, the mug lays on a table that holds many stories.

9. WIP 2. – another (smaller) single object study with an image inside it of nearby Mother Cummings Peak.

10. WIP 3. –  a view looking outside from the hallway of the shearers’ quarters.

I hope to finish all 3 ‘works in progress’ by the end of the year.

The mug continues to provide me with inspiration and I’m sure that it will feature in more paintings to come.



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4 Responses to MUG SERIES

  1. Edna says:

    Richard, My favourites from your mug series are 2, 3 6 and 10 probably in that order.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Edna for commenting. Number 2 is my favourite, but I haven’t listed any more in order, except 10., that I hope will be successful. Another one I did, ‘Cheshunt View’ is my number 2., but it doesn’t feature the mug.

  2. Love the series Richard, who would have thought such a humble find would provide such rich inspiration. Karen

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