Yesterday I completed my 30th painting for my next solo exhibition that opens on March 1. I’m not going to hang all 30, instead I’ll choose around 24. I want the gallery space to be ‘balanced’ especially as most of my paintings are smaller than my usual. Most are simple, uncluttered and colourful and should collectively make a strong (visual) statement.

It’s taken me about 6 months to produce this work and I did it in three ‘bursts’. In between these I managed several other unrelated paintings that gave me a break from focussing one direction.BLOG BRAVE 1

Solo exhibitions are probably the greatest challenge an artist can have. There is much to do besides creating artworks. There’s deciding what to do in the first place (and why one is doing it), research, (in my case) several field trips, then there’s deciding the framing, promotion and getting some-one to open your exhibition. The ability to stick to deadlines is essential. I work well under pressure, but I rarely put myself in the position where I run out of time, or fall behind in my production rate. Being a trained teacher helps!

This exhibition will see a collection of completely new working under the heading of ‘landscape cleansing’ – landscapes whose contents have been scrutinised before being painted. I have removed everything that I thought was irrelevant. The result? Well, you’ll need to see the exhibition yourself or on my website once it’s opened. I’ve include 2 that I will be included: (above) “North of Oatlands”, (below) “Homage to Vincent”.HOMAGE TO VINCENT

Another exhibition, another risk-taking venture…. it’s appropriate that it’s being held at The Brave Art Gallery, Longford, Tasmania –


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