blog post holiday 2I’ve just completed a six-week break from coloured pencils. During that time I re-discovered the joys of painting in acrylics. I’ve posted some of them here today. They all relate to the ‘brick’ theme that I’ve been following for some time using coloured pencils. The subject is the Australian landscape and my love for the work of Australian artist Fred Williams.



2013 was a very busy year for me art-wise and quite a successful one, but I needed to slow down, even stop from the hectic pace that I’d been following. My hands were telling me (arthritis) that I needed a change, so I bought several canvases and updated my supply of acrylic paints. When finished I’ll have a series of 8 paintings to show at various exhibitions during the year.

blog post holiday 1



This week I ‘returned’ to pencils, refreshed and with specific ideas in mind that are already showing promise. The break has done me the world of good. I intend to return to acrylics now and then, but my greatest love remains with coloured pencils. The warmth of Summer makes it much easier to draw than the colder Winter months. Maybe I need to find a balance.


Working in entirely one medium can be dangerous. Ideas come from careful planning or simply as a result of an experience or seeing something (as it did yesterday) that triggers a creative response. One should never be dictated to by an art medium, it’s the idea that really matters. Once you have thought and planned an idea, then choose your medium/s.



The message (idea) is the most important aspect of a painting, not the medium.

My next blog post will reveal one my themes for 2014.








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4 Responses to A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS…

  1. You have been very quiet lately Richard, obviously head down! It is good to change medium every now and then, it does refresh ones approach and ideas I think, but your works above are still very identifiably yours, so clearly the thought processes continue.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Anna. I’ve tried too grate my ideas from one medium to another. It’s been an interesting time, but I think my loyalty is with coloured pencils.

  2. Kate Bausch says:

    Hi Richard…
    I absolutely love your acrylic paintings. And once again, your compositions inspire me to go more abstract. Did you use a layering technique with the acrylics to get your rich colors? Layers upon layers is what keeps me excited about acrylics. Many happy accidents!

    • artkleko says:

      Hi Kate, I used layers to get the depth of colour and identify with your liking for this method.
      I find abstract art is always a challenge, but an exciting one.
      Art gives us so many opportunities!

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