When it comes to colour variation I’m rather conservative due to my subject matter, the Tasmanian landscape. However, when I ‘break free’ and draw other subjects, my palette is quite different. Most of my art is based on observation, but recently I combined both observation and my imagination to produce today’s featured drawings.WILD


Fantasy Liliums (top) and Psychedelic Poppies (below) are both 40 x 40cm (unframed) and are rendered in Prismacolor pencils on Canson pastel board. Both drawings were the result of a series (I am  still working on) that featured tulips from North West Tasmania, Table cape to be exact. As with all tulips, colour was the main attraction and after several months’ work I decided to try something new and daring.


I must admit that this departure was both enjoyable and invigorating . Time will tell whether I develop this direction further, but in the meantime I have other drawings to complete. Both drawings will be featured in an exhibition in April. I wonder what reception they will receive?





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11 Responses to WILD COLOUR

  1. They’re really beautiful, Richard. I love them!!!

  2. Cathy Pascoe says:

    I think they’re beautiful. I’m sure reaction will be positive!

  3. Dale Lysle says:

    Richard, the public will love them. It’s nice to see such vibrant colours, good luck!!!

  4. They are so vibrant Richard – they will leap out of the gallery wall!

  5. Edna says:

    Lots of happiness in those bright drawings Richard. Congrats on being a finalist in Glover.

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