Fantasy Landscape

Fantasy Landscape

I’ve never considered my coloured pencil work ‘loud’ until recently. I base most of my art on interpretations of the Tasmanian landscape which is temperate in climate and the colours are often subdued. this is not to say that bright colours don’t exist in Tasmania, they do, it’s just that I’ve been interested in more subtler subjects. In the last 12 months however, I have sought ‘brighter’ subjects. A trip to Central Australia had a big influence on me to the extent that I upon my return I began looking for subjects with warmer colours. Not long after I visited the tulip farm on Tasmania’s Table Cape. I’d been there several times before, but on this occasion I was overwhelmed by the intensity of the rows of tulips that I saw. After a short series of ‘fantasy’ landscapes, I produced a series on landscape mark making. One of the subjects was tulips, grown on Table Cape in North West Tasmania. An exhibition followed in March and another is due, this time at Table Cape in September where I’ll be presenting my interpretation of the area in realist, semi-abstract and abstract coloured pencil drawings.

MAY 9.1Some examples of my recent work from my studio

This change of palette has been a real eye-opener for me and has given me a timely boost. My coloured pencils have responded extremely well to the challenge, more-so than my digital and acrylic pursuits. The pencils leave a texture which suits my subjects and they present well when framed and hung. Exciting times! Where to now? I’m not sure where this direction in my work will take me, but it’s giving me pleasure and judging by the response of art lovers, I’m presently onto a ‘good thing’. Once I have grown tired of this phase I will move on and tackle another theme. I am keen to produce a series on my trip to Alice Springs and have already completed sufficient preparation to begin a series of drawings once I have completed enough work for my September exhibition. One thing that can be said about my latest work is that it’s cheerful and that’s certainly the reaction I get when I see it in my studio!

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4 Responses to LOUD ART

  1. Loving hese… so “happy”. And you can use the colours which have been used less previously…. perhaps.

  2. Kate Bausch says:

    I love your new vivid palette! I am biased though because I use a bright assortment of colors in my work and I tend to be drawn to these happy hues! I wish so much that I could see your art in person! I can only imagine how stunning they are up close and personal! 🙂

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Kate, and I can see why you love bright colours too, in your lovely artwork. I am pleased how well these coloured pencil drawings look when finished. It’s a pity that i cannot show them personally to most of my fb friends! 🙂

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