HEALING CREAM 2The Launceston General Hospital has just opened its inaugural  art award exhibition. The $5,000 prize was awarded to local artist many Hunniford for her entry ‘The Tree of Life”. The theme was Art in Health and resulted in 64 entries. As with entering such a major award, artists were required to submit a statement relating to their work. I believe that this requirement benefits not only the artists and the judges, but those who view the work when it’s displayed.

Healing Cream

148 x 83cm   Prismacolor pencils on pastel board

The therapeutic benefits of the art making process are recognised by all who practise the visual arts. Often it is the process of creation that gives one the greatest form of satisfaction; the product being a bonus. The use of art therapy in times of trauma or struggle can be a vital part of a person’s recovery. Engaging the mind, while promoting relaxation at the same time, the opportunity to deal with personal issues, makes art an important part of one’s recovery. Art is a great healer. A tube of paint has far greater value than its physical properties.


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4 Responses to LGH ART AWARD

  1. Art certainly is therapy Richard! As so many things one enjoys, it is often the journey rather than the destination where the pleasure lies.

  2. That is so true, Richard. I love this work and many congrats to the winning artist!

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks April. When I’d finished this drawing I was reminded of the tube of Winton oil paint you painted. I half expected a comment from you reminding me of that fact! 🙂

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