Natural Carpet
100 x 41cm – Digital Drawing

Another year has come around and already I am planning what to do over the coming months. I am involved with an arts weekend at the end of next month where I will be demonstrating my coloured pencil technique, as well as displaying some of my latest work. In April I will exhibit my first ‘serious’ collection of digital drawings at the Brave Art Gallery, in Longford, Northern Tasmania, Australia.

I started ‘tinkering’ with digital art in 1999, but it wasn’t until last year that I arrived at what I considered was drawing that was worth displaying. Early indications are promising with the first 3 of 4 digital drawings sold. This will be a small collection (around 10), as I am showing in the smaller Gallery B of Brave, but I am up to the challenge of presenting something that will be bright, cheerful and I hope, interesting.
I have included a photo of one of my short-listed drawings.

My subject for this exhibition is the tulip growing area of Table Cape. After 2 successful coloured pencil exhibitions of this area last year, I wanted to try the subject in digital form. It’s time-consuming and challenging work, but I am enjoying the break from so much coloured pencil work.

Should an artist work in one medium or should they try a variety of mediums? I enjoy my coloured pencil work so much that I forget to try other ways of expressing my ideas. For a long time I have been interested in digital art, but I’m doing it to compliment my cp art, not compete with it, although I wouldn’t hang both mediums together. My pencil work has depth and texture, while the digital art is sharp, clean and ‘flat’ with a shiny finish.
As with my cp work, I have several drawings ‘under construction’ at the same time. I like variety in during my studio time as the type of art I do requires a lot of patience.
Maybe variety is a good thing after all.

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  1. You know my opinion on variety, Richard! I just can’t help myself. I have analysed this tendancy… as I do… and think perhaps I am, after all, still a scientist: putting forward a hypothesis about how a medium could be used, experimenting with it, analysing the result, modifying, refining, finding a new tangent then exploring more. At the moment “excursions” into encaustic are at the fore. Your cp works and the tulip fields subject suit the intensity and linear aspects of the digital form. I think it will be a very successful exhibition again.

  2. I have even called an exhibition “The Spice of Life”!

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