BLOG DONATION“A quiet morning at Lillico Beach” (Tasmania)

30 x 30 cms, Luminance & Polychromos pencils on pastel board.

I have just completed a small drawing that I’m donating to the Christ Church Longford’s annual art fundraiser, that will be held over the first weekend of March. This event involves quite a few local artists, many of them being well established and commanding good prices for their artwork.

Selling one’s artwork is the greatest challenge that artists face (even greater than creating art in the first place). The market is fickle and it’s getting harder every year. If that’s the case, why donate some of your art?

Personally, I think it’s a good thing that you are prepared to support a cause and share your work with somebody without a fee. It makes one feel good to give. It’s good publicity not only for the cause you are supporting, but for your profile as an artist. It may also lead to sales of other work that you have produced. It can show that you are not simply ‘in it for the money’.

Although I am a full-time artist, I do it for the love of creating and sharing art. Every sale I have is a bonus, but not all bonuses are derived from sales.



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  1. gerryart says:

    Well said Richard 😀.

  2. Edna says:

    Richard,I agree that donating artwork is a good thing and have personally donated quite a few paintings and ceramics to various charities and fundra isers over time. I’m pleased that my work has raised some money and also perhaps gone to people who otherwise may not be familiar with it.

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