Reflections Flecker Gardens 1“Reflections, Flecker Gardens”

40 x 60 cms, coloured pencil on pastel board


In 211, my wife, Val and I, spent 12 months on the Australian mainland, the vast majority in Cairns, Far North Queensland. It was indeed a wonderful experience, so much so, that we considered moving there to live.

In 2014 we visited Cairns and bought a house at Palm Cove, but I changed my mind at the last minute and we headed back ‘home’.

Twelve months ago we sold our home in Launceston and bought another in a nearby suburb, but we were restless and after a few things falling into place we have decided to move to Cairns for 3 years. If we like it, we’ll stay. If we don’t, we’ll move somewhere else.

Regarding my artistic endeavours, I have decided to only take my vast collection of coloured pencils and associated paraphernalia. Boy, do I have a lot of coloured pencils! I have a class booked for this coming Saturday at St. Mary’s in Tasmania’s North East, one in Cairns in June, 2 workshops in Victoria in September, and one in Tasmania in November. All of these will involve coloured pencils in some way. I’m also aiming to establish regular classes in Cairns and on the Atherton Tablelands.

To say this is a big move at my time of life is certainly an understatement, but we are both up for the challenge.

I’ve joined the Cairns Art Society and hope to have some studio space close to the CBD. I already have work for sale at Port Douglas and I’d like to have an exhibition at some stage in the district.

I have already started a series of drawings from the Cairns area as I mentally (and creatively) prepare for the move.

Coloured pencils love heat and from my experience they perform a lot better than in cooler climates. I’m looking forward to spreading the gospel of coloured pencils in the Australian tropics!



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  1. Lorraine McNeair says:

    Love this Richard.

  2. Lorraine McNeair says:

    The Tasmanian art world will miss you. I have highly valued your input, especially to the Burnie Coastal Art Group.

  3. Good luck with the move Richard, good idea to have a safety net! Love the drawing above, great sense of water although abstract.

  4. How exciting Richard, the first time I read your blog was when you were returning from that initial trip. Cairns is beautiful, I lived there for 18 months in the late ’80s, though I am sure it has changed by now. I didn’t enjoy the tropical weather so returned to Victoria, but the lush colour and foliage beckon me back. Good luck with your move. Karen

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