mersey-stones“Mersey River Rocks”

32 x 45 cms

Museum Aquarelle, Prismacolor, Polychromos, Luminance & Derwent Artist’s pencils on Mi Teintes paper. Own reference.

Do you suffer from CORCD? I do.
“Compulsive, Obsessive Rock Collector’s Disorder” has been with me for many years and I’m not ashamed! I love it! I collect a lot of things, especially subjects for my artwork, particularly coloured pencil drawing.
As I said in my last post, it’s important to know your subject well. I rarely do ‘random’ drawings. I like to fully understand my subject before I draw it. This means many visits to various locations where I ‘map’ the area by photographing as much as I can, collecting (where it’s allowed), making sketches and taking notes. I spend time in and outside my studio photographing my subjects under different light conditions to study and record where light ‘hits’ an object and the resulting shadows.
One can never have too many rocks!
rock-samplesSadly, I had to part with my rock collection before we left Tasmania to live on the Australian mainland, but I had taken the time to photograph my collection. I now have a substantial folder full of images to refer to.
My collection is continually being updated through my trips to other parts of Australia and with our forthcoming move to Port Macquarie I’m looking forward to re-visiting the many beaches there where some wonderful rocks are to be found.
rock-nursery-01Despite what some may be thinking, I do not draw rocks all the time. I work in ‘themes’ that may last a month or two, but no longer. I like to vary my subjects and ‘return’ to them after a break and tackle them in a different way.
I also occasionally suffer from:
COBD: Compulsive Obsessive Bread Disorder (several ‘Bread’ themes),
COSLD: Compulsive Obsessive Sticks & Logs Disorder,
COWSD: Compulsive Obsessive Water Study Disorder.
Happy New Year to everyone!

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8 Responses to CORCD

  1. 🙂 I’m currently suffering COSD (Obsessive compulsive shadow disorder)! Happy New Year to you and yours Richard 🙂

  2. Your rocks are very beautiful. We don’t have that in France. Too old a country . The elders already took the beautiful things. Happy new year to you and all your family.

  3. It’s so interesting how rocks get there color and shape. Nice shot by the way!!

  4. martina.franklin.poole says:

    Thank you for sharing what papers you are using. I wish to experiment with that and it’s interesting to see what others are doing.

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