Ancient Landscape

It’s been over 14 months since my wife and I left Tasmania to live in Far North Queensland, then in Port Macquarie since February. As you can imagine, moving to a completely different environment will inevitably have an impact on one’s artwork and art ‘thinking’ for that matter. I’m no exception and my work has headed in different directions to the stage where I’m keen to explore very different ideas than I’ve been accustomed to.

There is no doubt that the environment both physical and social does have an impact on an artist’s work. Making such a move after being so long in the same environment can be exciting, strange, even weird, but it’s one’s attitude that is most important. Being prepared to open one’s mind to new possibilities is vital for ‘growth’ and ‘progress’. It’s easy to repeat what we know over and over again; we know the result, we know that it works, let’s just do it!

Landscape Signata

Art is more than ‘doing’ stuff, it’s a process that beckons you to enjoy, experiment, research, challenge, even question what you’re trying to say in order to submit to the process and the product with the hope that both give you satisfaction. Sales are a bonus, but not the seal of approval one yearns for. A red dot does wonder to one’s ego, but should it be the justification for making the creative journey in the first place?

I am often credited having a great deal of patience, but honestly, I get bored very easily, that’s why I have several artworks on the go at one time. I’m ‘stoic’, probably due to my parents’ positive influence. I get the job done, I don’t give up easily, I persist.

Salamanca Hillside

My new surroundings have made me think about other ways to express myself. I’m very keen to return to (large) painting, but I need abigger studio space. Painting will have to wait. Lately,I have found a new direction in the form of mixed media art. By combining my passions for coloured pencil drawing and digital art, I have produced a number of artworks on full sheets of cold pressed 300 gsm watercolour paper. I’m very pleased with these and I hope they appeal to a broad audience. I’m currently creating a folio of these works using local landscapes and images from Tasmania as subject matter.

I’m loving the process and the product, maybe that’s all that matters!


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4 Responses to THE WINDS OF CHANGE

  1. Jen says:

    Hi Richard, I didn’t realise you had moved again to Port Macquarie. We will be moving to Cairns early next year hopefully. Any advice about apartment living as we want to downgrade so that I can pursue my art more rather than garden and Lionel and look at other interests.
    Cheers Jen

  2. Maxine Donald says:

    I think a real passion to create allows us to make changes, not to get ‘stuck’ in one genre, one media, or even one ‘place’. It is the natural curiosity that accompanies creativity that compels us to ‘go further’ with our creations. And, yes it is the desire/inner need to create, rather than the monetary gain that is at the forefront. The financial gain (when it occasionally happens) is indeed ‘the icing on the cake’! Embracing the digital with the conventional is obviously working for you – the works are striking, but then so are your paintings 🙂

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