I’m currently staying at Dubbo in NSW (Australia) for 17 days. I have been unwell for most of the first 8, the result of a bout of asthma and a resulting cold. I suspect that I won’t be fit for tourist duties for another few days. What does one do in these situations? I have reading material and a 📺 along with my visual diary and a tin of 120 Pablo pencils. The latter is my saviour!

I had recently completed a drawing while flying to Perth, Western Australia, and I decided that the pleasure of colouring would help me, and it did! This is simply an imaginative drawing without any deep, significant meaning. It doesn’t really follow any planned composition. It just happened. 

The value of Art as therapy is well known and in this case it has certainly worked for me. Sometimes we forget that the creative process has a number of benefits besides the artwork (product) itself. 

Whether it’s on a plane, boat or a train, studio, lounge room or even a shed, creating art can sometimes be the best medicine!



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4 Responses to SICK ART

  1. Wonderful Richard xx I do hope you feel better soon !!

  2. Just DOING it is the best thing! But sometimes being constrained, as you are right now, is a useful incentive. Get well soon Richard.

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