Stitching & Beyond Workshop

Last weekend I conducted a Caran d’Ache coloured pencil workshop with members of the Stitching & Beyond group in Hobart. I had been looking forward to this workshop for months due to the challenging and diverse work that the group continually produces and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the results. Coloured pencil with a craft group? This is no ordinary group, as its members continually cross the ‘great divide’ between craft and fine art; lateral thinkers and ‘brave’, qualities essential in the pursuit of challenging and stimulating creativity.

Most of the 17 participants were members a few being non-members from the ‘fine art side’. Everyone enjoyed the challenges and the great camaraderie made for a very pleasant weekend. It was wonderful to share with such passionate, organised and creative people.

Luminance & Museum Acquarelle coloured pencils were the main focus, with Neo Colors also featuring. Canson Mi Teintes papers of varied colours (no white), Canson pastel board (coloured), Canson drawing paper (white) and a range of fabrics were also on the menu.

This was a ‘discovery’ workshop where there was much experimenting. Exercises and challenges were set to enable the participants to fully test the art materials and also to see what they could produce, although the emphasis was more on experimentation than the creation and completion of ‘serious’ work. Having said that, some of the drawings were of ‘framing quality’.

The pencils and crayons worked extremely well on both fabrics and papers, with the exploits on fabric of particular note, so much so that I hope to conduct a return workshop incorporating Impressionist-style drawing with stitching using a range of fabrics, plain and dyed.

Having noted that the majority of coloured pencil artists worldwide work with paper (often white hp, smooth w/c paper), canvas and wood panels, it astounds me that there isn’t more ‘adventurous surfaces’ (supports) being used. This medium has so much potential! I have included a cross-section of photos featuring some the work covered in the workshop.

Working with the best coloured pencils in the world and with a group that thrives on challenges made for a first-class workshop!


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2 Responses to Stitching & Beyond Workshop

  1. Jen says:

    Sounds really interesting. What would you say the most unusual medium was?

    • artkleko says:

      I think it was the challenge of working with fabrics in a world where coloured pencils are seen and used in conventional ways. Combing coloured pencils with plain, dyed and textured fabrics presents exciting possibilities. 😀

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