Top: “A Tropical Memory” Bottom: “Tropical Leaves”

Both measure 60 x 80 cms, Luminance & Museum Aquarelle pencils on Canson pastel board. Own references.

The latter part of this year saw my work enter a very colourful phase due to the impact of my recent trip to Cairns and in particular, my interview with Cindy Wider. I must admit that my subject choice, the Flecker Botanical Gardens in Cairns, had a lot to do with it.

Never underestimate the power of colour. It can have a profound impact on us, no matter where we are or how we feel at the time. My recent subjects have lifted my spirits somewhat. Bright colours can make one feel good no matter what you’re dealing with at the time.

Looking back over this year’s work and I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished despite moving house from Cairns to Port Macquarie earlier in the year. I’m by no means ‘settled’ and I’m looking forward to our next move (wherever it will be) as we will be finally ‘settling down’ and I’ll have a permanent studio. Yay!

My exhibition for next February in Tasmania, which will also be online, is finished,  framed and ready for dispatching.

Thank you for your support and interest throughout the year. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


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  1. Richard – thanks you for your regular emails/blogs. I love your colours – not always sure what you are drawing/colouring/interpreting but that’s ok – it gives me a different perspective as an beginner coloured pencil person ( I hesitate to say ”artist”)

    Keep up your every good work – it inspires me and I ALWAYS open your postings for inspiration. You never know how far your influence reaches!

    Best wishes

    Adrian Cloonan, Werribee, Melbourne, Vic.

  2. Merry Christmas Richard, I love the vibrancy of your latest work and your insightful ness. Looking forward to what you do and where you are in 2018. Karen

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