“Against the Flow”

80 x 60 cms

Luminance & Museum Aquarelle coloured pencils on Canson Pastel Board

Own references

Happy New Year to Everyone!

On one of my many visits to the Botanical Gardens in Cairns, I noticed a pile of leaves that had gathered in a corner of a small creek. There had been recent rains and although the creek’s flow had subsided, there was still enough water to make for an interesting spectacle of water bathed in sunlight lapping against a small, but defiant collection of leaves. It was a warm, still day with the surrounding forest full of the sounds of insects and birds. The dappled, flickering light caught my attention, especially when it was brought to a ‘halt’ by a collection leaves that had recently formed a substantial barrier on the water’s surface.

I returned to the same location last October to find no water and no leaves!

My fascination for floating objects either drifting or gathered in a backwater has been with me ever since I began trout fishing as a child.

Water can be a difficult subject to draw and taking photos is certainly one way of gathering information. Equally important is simply spending time watching the flow of creeks and rivers. I also practice this with waves, beaches and headlands. Looking, listening and staying silent can teach one a lot about the movement of water.

Let’s not forget the ‘layers’ of water; what can be seen below (submerged or semi-submerged) and what is reflected on the surface. All of these need careful observation and recording. I never take a few photos, I take lots from various angles. You cannot take too many!

Maybe this drawing is also a metaphor for life. Should we stand in the way or should we make a stand?



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2 Responses to AGAINST THE FLOW

  1. Tamara Culp says:

    I grew up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania in the US. There was a creek, or, as we called it, a crick running through the property. We spent every living moment we could in and around that water. Your images do my heart good. This series speaks to it.

    • artkleko says:

      Thank you, Tamara. The therapeutic value of water for the body is well documented, but its value for the mind and soul is still being discovered. Regards, Richard.

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