TV Drawing

L: “Fragile Sentinels R: “Fragile Guardians”

Both A4 in size, Supracolor pencils on Canson Paper, own references.

It’s not uncommon when I’m home to sit in our lounge room after tea and draw while I’m watching television (or is that listen to the tv). After a long day in the studio, drawing with a pen is my way of winding down. How do you wind down at the end of the day?

This is the time of the day when I can explore some of the ideas that have come to me during the day. I usually work with coloured pencils, so a fine line pen (black on white) is a nice change and it enables me to think in line, shape, pattern and composition without the ‘interference’ of colour; that will come later on when the drawings are on my easel in the coming days.

So far this year I have divided my time equally between ‘home and away’, with trips to Batemans Bay, Sydney and Tweed Heads. During this time I’ve gather a good deal of information for a series of drawings for my second adult colouring book, due for release (online) later in the year.

Once I’ve created each drawing I photograph them and ‘clean’ each one on my computer before printing a copy for colouring. I will only print and colour a single edition that will be offered for sale. I have already completed several and to my pleasant surprise 2 have already been claimed and I haven’t advertised!

My first series of drawings focuses on forest floors and is part of my ‘neglected landscape’ series. The second (and current) series was inspired by cairns that I have seen at Crowdy Bay (NSW), Wangetti Beach (Cairns) and Bruny Island (Tasmania). Nearly all are A4 in size, with an A3-size currently on my easel and a few that I have completed on canvas on canvas.

I’m hoping to have an exhibition of this ‘new departure’ in my work maybe next year.

I personally enjoy this type of drawing without colour and find much solace gazing at an image purely in black line on a white background.

No doubt time and further exploration of this theme will (hopefully) realise new directions. Variety is the spice of life!








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4 Responses to TV Drawing

  1. Kate Bausch says:

    I love seeing your “behind the scenes” work. I do the same thing at night while my husband and I kind of watch tv. I use fine line markers and doodle in a small sketchbook. All of my stress and anxiety (which is less and less everyday since deciding to give up my library job and gallery job) melts into the pages. I don’t even think much while I doodle. Ahhh! I look forward to it every night. But I have rarely taken my evening doodles into my paintings. Perhaps I could give that a try for something fresh and fun to try! Thank you for you continued inspiration, Richard.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Kate for your encouraging comments. Sometimes the doodles we do are more valuable as artworks than we realise. Our minds are freer at that time and certainly less stressed!

  2. I totally understand how the creation of these patterns is so relaxing. Drawing patterns is what I do when my chronic fatigue gets too bad for me to be able to do other drawings. The process of making all the decisions required for regular art can be tiring and the joy of making recurring marks is such a meditative process. Always such interesting posts Richard. Karen.

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