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I haven’t taught an art workshop since my 2-day class in Hobart last October, so it was about time I continued to ‘spread the gospel of coloured pencils’, this time in Port Macquarie. Things have been developing nicely of late teaching-wise. I will be conducting workshops in two locations, Alice in Paperland, where I’ll be working with Prismacolors, and at the Sunset Framing Gallery in the Port Macquarie CBD, where I’ll be offering classes using Caran d’Ache pencils, beginning with Luminance.

I will also be demonstrating my drawing technique with Luminace pencils at the annual Port Macquarie ArtWalk on Thursday April 19th, between 6 – 9 pm. For those who know the area I’ll be working outside Luna Bonita. I’m looking forward to what I understand is an extremely popular event.

I still enjoy art teaching after 46 years. Nowadays it’s a different audience, but the principles are the same; encourage one’s students to discover who they are through their art. Everyone can draw, everyone can paint, it’s just that we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We are all different, we think and act differently and our art is the same. Art is not about being able to copy a photo exactly as it is, it’s being able to interpret what you ‘see’ and understanding (and valuing) how we see things for ourselves. We are all unique, and my teaching methods are based on the individual, hence my classes encourage an individual response.

Take my class late last month for example. There were 9 participants, unfortunately, another 4 were weren’t able to attend due to flooding ( but they will be attending my next class). There were 3 tasks in the 4-hour lesson.

  1. Experiencing and recording a variety of colours from the Prismacolor range on white and coloured supports.
  2. Colouring a small design using personally selected colours.
  3. Drawing up in proportion, a photo of a rock and rendering it in colour with shade and light in the appropriate places with an emphasis on colour blending. I did not introduce 3D examples of rock due to the time restraint and the fact that this was an introductory workshop.

The results were very encouraging and very individual in approach. I’m looking forward to a more intense program following my second introductory workshop on April 13th.


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2 Responses to Back to Teaching

  1. Some great results there Richard. Sounds like fun for all involved!

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