“Summer Landmarks”

60 x 80 cms

Luminance, Museum Aquarelle, Supracolor coloured pencils

& archival pen on Canson pastel board.

Own reference & Imagination

One of my favourite subjects is the Midlands area of Tasmania (Australia), in particular, Hyland’s Flat, a small plateau-like area of land just south of Conara. It’s dry, barren and bleak, save for 8, 60+ year-old conifers that continue to defy the harsh, unfriendly climate.

Lately, I’ve been pursuing the theme of climate change on the Tasmanian landscape, looking at the possible impact that a change in climate could have. This theme led to ‘seasonal changes’ in the climate, resulting in a number of coloured pencil drawings.

I was keen to look at the impact of climate change, mark-making and the season of Summer on Hyland’s Flat in the one drawing, so I decided to produce a ‘study’ (a practice piece) on a 30 x 40 cm birch panel. This turned out to be a good investment of time with the bonus of a finished drawing. Such studies are an excellent way to trial colours and various compositions to get a small glimpse on how a much larger piece would work. I was concerned that the composition would not be ‘busy’ enough, if drawn on a larger scale and this become evident with the wood panel. Although I was pleased with the outcome, I needed to add more detail to the larger version and to introduce some new colours.

“Summer Landmarks” (Study)

Luminance and Museum Aquarelle coloured pencils & archival pen on Birch Panel.

Own reference & Imagination

Summary: two drawings, one small, one large; the same subject with some noticeable differences, especially in detail and colour palette, as well as changes in the composition.

I enjoyed the process and the opportunity to see my idea in miniature before attempting a much grander piece. I wasn’t sure if my idea was worth the time and effort on a larger scale. The ‘study’ gave me the answer.


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