“Autumn Sticks and Stones”

19 x 27.7 cms

Supracolor pencils and Archival Ink Pen on 200 gsm paper.

Own reference from Drawing 31 of Not Your Average Adult Colouring Book 2.

I’m a member of a number of coloured pencil groups on social media worldwide and I take the opportunity to share my drawings on their sites whenever I can. Many of my posts show my drawings as ‘works in progress’. I’m happy to share each drawing’s creation in stages and by the positive response I’ve received I know that my efforts are worthwhile and even helpful especially for those who are beginners in coloured pencil drawing.

Every group has a set of rules regarding the posting of art work and rightly so, but one rule that appears regularly bans any examples of adult colouring. To a certain extent I actually agree, but what about the examples from tutorials that often appear? Tutorials are fine because they are teaching programs and are extremely helpful for beginners, but they are subject to a set of guidelines and usually demand a pre-determined outcome, the latter also applying to adult colouring books.

There is a dislike for adult colouring books with many professional and amateur coloured pencil artists worldwide. I suspect this is due to the fact that the drawings published are usually self-explanatory, simply requiring the addition of a coloured medium. This is true of most adult colouring books, but not mine! In fact, my books are a reaction to the majority of publications, most of which I find lack any real challenge. I realize there is a market for such books, but I want to challenge people to interpret my drawings THEIR OWN WAY. If the drawing controls how you colour it, how can you hope for a result that reflects something about yourself? Colouring books are supposedly therapeutic (some certainly aren’t!). Both my books certainly are and in fact, extracts have been used by students in a school for the deaf and in an aged care facility, both in Tasmania (Australia) with extremely pleasing results.

My second book is due for release online next month. Instead of having a printed and bound publication, as was the case with my first book, I’m asking everyone to select their 18 favourite drawings from a catalogue of 40 (more will be added from time to time). Once an order is placed (via email) you will be sent a clear plastic 20 page folder with a cover page along with instructions and some spare sheets of drawing paper for colour testing along with the drawings you have chosen. You may choose more than one copy of a particular drawing if you wish.

My second book has already received some ‘test driving’ (in a workshop), with very pleasing results. I encourage beginners, amateurs and experienced coloured pencil artists to check out my drawing index on my YOU ADD COLOUR site on Facebook after July 1st.

I have included an example (Drawing 31 from my second book) as today’s featured artwork. This is how I ‘see’ this drawing. How would you colour it?

As it’s in the category of adult colouring, should this drawing appear on coloured pencil groups on social media? I realize that I’m the creator of this drawing, but this is a copy, not the original. What do you think?


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  1. ridgecookearts says:

    I love it! That’s a fantastic opposing viewpoint to the colouring in book opposition.

    • artkleko says:

      Thanks Jen. There’s still a lot of opposition though to posting any examples of adult colouring in cp groups. I’m trying to ‘bridge the gap’. 😊

  2. Dan Krsak says:

    I am not a big fan of coloring books! That said, this is your creation and should not be banned. Anyone that buys it and posts it to a site should be banned. These sites are here to share creative insight. The fact that you have developed a second book that is being useful to deaf and elderly persons is a creative use of your art. It is no different than someone showing cards they have made or the endless pretty dog portraits that all look the same and don’t even include a background. If I as a purchaser wanted a photo of my dog I would take one. The definition of art has been greatly skewed by society lately. If you can reproduce a photo perfectly it is acceptable. If you do something on the edge that is new and inventive it is banned. I will never understand what has happened to the art world in the last 20 years I have been out of it!

    • artkleko says:

      Attitudes certainly have changed, Dan, and I fear at the expense of originality. I want my ‘anti-colouring books’ to challenge individual interpretation, rather than simple copying. Thanks for your comments! 😊

  3. Edna Broad says:

    No should definitely not be banned Richard. Your books are limited edition artworks that people can connect with in a personal way.

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