“Landscape Warming Deconstructed”

60 x 80 cms

Luminance, Supracolor & Museum Aquarelle pencils on Canson pastel board.

Own reference & imagination.

‘The visual and performing arts aren’t just about what you see, it’s also about your emotional response to an image, a performance or a sound. What we are confronted with can often be layered with meanings and innuendos. We can interpret something in a completely different way than its original intention. Examples of visual art are guilty on all counts. Art is an illusion, a journey into one’s imagination that often triggers memories, both good and bad. Art is a wonderful escape from the harsh realities of the world we live in. It’s also a reminder of who we are, where we live and what’s happening around us.

I’m interested in the environment, particularly the changes that have been happening lately at an all-too-increasing rate. Here in Australia, particularly where I live, it’s getting hotter and drier. Almost all of the state of New South Wales is in drought. The landscape is suffering and the people (particularly the farmers and their families) are also suffering. When will this drought end? Why is it occurring? I don’t have the answer, but I’m convinced that climate change has a lot to do with it.

For several years I have been working on the impact of climate change as one of the themes in my artwork. You can see my latest work on my newly developed second website:

My featured work, “Landscape Warming Deconstructed”, takes a very different look at our sunbaked landscape. This drawing is both a puzzle, a variation on jigsaws, in this case it can be arranged a several ways. On this occasion it’s arranged in such a way as to give a reverse impact to the agony of a suffering landscape. I’ve taken an image that in its original form would be stark, barren and ‘dry’ and made it look ‘more engaging’. This drawing is a deliberate attempt to hide the pain of a scorched landscape. The colour palette is ‘warm’, but at the same time easy on the eye. I want people to enjoy the drawing then reflect on the impact that our climate is having on our landscape. This will be very pertinent to people living in Australia. Are we too complacent about the impact of climate change? Our politicians are struggling to provide us with any real answers and it’s time they seriously addressed this issue.

I have just finished the plan for my next drawing, “New South Wales Dry”. This will have a very different colour palette and will resonate with those living in Western New South Wales. It’s time to show what’s really happening out there!

It’s time we had some rain!


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