SIZE 01A series of small drawings from 1990, each no wider than 20 cm.

SIZE 02A pencil drawing from 1990, 100 cm high.

How large are your drawings? Does it matter how big or small they are? Should the amount of detail (information) in each drawing be roughly the same, regardless of its size? These are interesting questions that I often ask myself regarding my own work.

I have gone through many “size” phases over the years from 10 x 15 cm, to 120 x 80 cm. I really don’t think that size is the issue when it comes to coloured pencil drawing. It’s all to do with “magnetism”, the ability of the artwork to capture the viewer and hold their attention long enough so as to be understood.

The smaller the drawing, the more accountable is the artist, the choice of frame and the accuracy of the framer. A good drawing technique is essential as is the artist’s ability to arrange all of the elements into a meaningful and balanced composition.

Indeed, the smaller you get, the greater the accountability.


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