Whimsical WorkTop: “Whimsical Autumn”

Below: “The Magic Stream

The past fortnight has been a rewarding time for me that’s realised 4 new paintings in my ‘whimsical’ theme. I’m enjoying this work immensely. It’s a lot freer than I’ve been used to of late, less contrived and from time to time, I’ve changed my mind in regards to the content, without any change to the over all aims of the paintings.

But where to now?

I’ve yet to frame any of the 6 paintings that I have produced in this theme. I’m hoping to exhibit 1 or 2 at a major exhibition in June. What will the (buying) public think of this new direction in my work? The only way to find out is to ‘jump into the deep end’.

I was contemplating a show of this type of work next March, but my present thoughts are about having a ‘type’ of retrospective exhibition featuring examples of my work from the past 40 years.

Back to the present. I need to take this ‘new’ work a step further. I like the whimsical dare I say ‘innocent’ approach, but I fear that I may end up with a vast collection of similar-looking work. The answer? Look for a broader, different subject area, but still continue with my present style. I don’t won’t my work to be ‘serious’, but I expect that I will choose serious subjects. The challenge then comes to take a light-hearted look at them.

Another highway on my journey of discovery…


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3 Responses to WHERE TO NOW?

  1. Hymanrachell@aol.com says:

    Love your style of art work, very distinctive! Will continue to follow your progress.

  2. Arlene Steinberg says:

    Richard, Please email me. I’m interested in both Whimsical Autumn and The Magic Stream. How large are they? Email me all details including pricing.

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