Following the success of my first adult colouring book I decided to produce a second, this time an online version, but one that is different in that you get to choose 18 drawings from a collection of 40. The drawings come with a folder and 2 practice sheets of paper. From time to time I intend to add more drawings to the collection.

Visit You Add Colour on Facebook or email me at for more information.

It wasn’t that long ago that Adult Colouring books were ‘trendy’ worldwide. Their popularity (as predicted) has waned, but one can still see many copies in stores here in Australia and I suspect in other countries. Many of the books (not all) are cheap in price and cheap in production. As with my first book I wanted something of quality and challenging to colour, not obvious/easy as with so many of the books available.

One of the consistent comments I received was the quality of the paper that I use for my publications. My drawings are only printed on one side and the acid free paper I use looks great when framed.

Are you still interested in adult colouring? If so, I invite you the check out my Facebook page or email me.



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