C.A.S. Art Exhibition 2013 Part 2.

PRIZE WINNERSPrize Winners and Comments.

  1. Reef Casino Open Award

Andrew Linklater “Gallery Body Language No 4” – I love the structure of Andrew’s painting. The relationships between us (viewing the painting) and the people depicted in the painting. The dominant male figure beckons you to come and join the group. The placing of the group’s feet in various directions adds an interesting dimension. Abstract shapes have also been used rather cleverly.

This painting also won the OakTree Retirement Village Unpackers’ Choice Award.

  1. R & M Ireland Landscape/Seascape Award

Lou Derry “Dusk over the Headland, Kewarra” – A sensitive, sensual relationship between land, sea and sky make for a pastel painting of the highest calibre. There is an acute awareness of the subtlety of ‘evening’ light. The foreground takes on the look of a sky in sand.

  1. Warren Entsch Flora and Fauna Award

Eddie Argall “Cassowary Licuala” – A striking painting, expertly composed and one whose patterns both obvious and subtle combine to illustrate the majesty, power and beauty of this iconic bird. The treatment of the cassowary’s neck is most impressive.

  1. Cairns Regional Council Sculpture Award

Jennie Scott “Disposable Animals in War” –  A gut-wrenching commentary on the fate of animals in war. Brilliantly conceived and executed. Wonderfully expressive, full of emotion. A fragile animal trapped in the products and emotions of war. Stop, look, think…

  1. CAS Watercolour Award

Ludij Peden “Mango Cottage, Irvinebank” – A sensational employment of light on a tin cottage has resulted in a crisp, homely subject that has a distinct romantic appeal. Lovely understating in both foreground and background. A marriage of realism and abstraction. Superb technique.

  1. The Art Barn Highly Commended Award

Lone White “Rainforest Rebirth” – Sensitive, organic, humble. Clever attention to detail. Great respect for the subject.

On Friday I will feature the winner of the Cairns Regional Council Open Award.


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